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Phileas 2020

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Vintage Description

Phileas is a state of mind, freedom of thoughts and expression. Representing the hero from Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, this wine is a truth quest: the quest of our terroir and our schist soils.

Technical sheet
AOC Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie
Melon de Bourgogne.
Vineyard Work
Working with a philosophy of living soils, we work the ground lightly without plowing it. We use only controlled organic products, pulverization of biodynamic preparations.
Direct pressing, settling for 24h at about 13C.
Fermentation in controlled temperature environment.
Alcoholic degree
Wine Ageing
Ageing on lees for 8 months in underground vats.
Lees steering on 20% of the blend.
Wine Preparation
Inerting of the blending vat, very slow pumping to limit oxygenation.
Light filtration. Bottling under inert gas, 22mg/L of free sulfur for 80mg/L of total sulfur.
Operating Temperature
10 to 12°C
Tasting Advices
Tension and minerality for this wine full of character and minerality. Perfect with seafood and raw fish, cold cuts, terrine, white meat in sauce. Also work very well with Asian cuisine.
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