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Nell 2020

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Maceration wine based on Folle Blanche.

Vintage Description

Nell, borned in Jules Verne's Black Indies, also knowned as The Underground City, grw up in the mines and in the dark. As she leaves the hole during her teenage years, she discovers the world for the first time with surprise and excitement. Echoing her image and story, our wine , based on the Folle Blance grape variety, has been staying in barrels throughout its youth. Gathered from a morning manual harvest, it has been in maceration for 10 days, raised during 18 years and softly bottled, creating this pure product.

Technical sheet
VSIG Blanc
Folle Blanche
Vineyard Work
Single plot located in the heart of Muscadet. Soils of silts and quartz on micaschists base. Oceanic climate.
About forty year old vines.
Viticulture respectful of life, first year of organic conversion.
Manuel harvest. Destemming of grapes before vatting. Spontaneous fermentation.
10 day- pellicular maceration.
Alcoholic degree
Wine Ageing
18 month barrel aging
Wine Preparation
No added sulfites.
Special bottling with N2 protection.
No filtration.
Operating Temperature
10 à 12°C
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